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The inspiration for many of Gabbi's creations are rooted from her love of traveling.


Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico

It’s already Friday, so we traveled southeast to Catemaco, Mexico. We left early this morning, but the drive was worth it – the countryside was beautiful. We didn’t get breakfast this morning and we were all so hungry. So we found some local dishes in Catemaco to curb our appetite. We picked out a restaurant called La Caperecita. I thought I’d try one of their more popular breakfast dishes and since it was still just before noon when we arrived, my husband ordered the huevos motulenos. The way it was presented reminded me of my mom’s. It was served with six different layers of black beans, eggs, ham, delicious salsa roja, Mexican cream and fried platanos (bananas)… Great dish. I ordered the quesadilla con flor de calabaza (squash blossoms) and a quesillo (breaded cheese in a tomatillo salsa). It was served on the biggest handmade tortilla I have ever seen. I want to come back for dinner! The ingredients were so fresh!

We then were off to the beautiful tropical waterfalls off Lake Catemaco followed by a tropical forest boat tour to the Nanciyaga natural reserve. While in Nanciyaga, we were able to feed the monkeys and got to tour bird island…what a day!