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The inspiration for many of Gabbi's creations are rooted from her love of traveling.


Coatepec and Xico, Veracruz, Mexico

As we soon found out, Coatepec is known as the capital of coffee of Mexico. On the drive we noticed signs for many mansions and coffee plantations. Some of the plantations offer tours but we didn’t have time. We had been told to attend the Fiesta de Los Arcos in Xico, so we continued southeast to get there in time. Just driving to Xico was pleasure enough with the scenery on the horizon. Rolling hills and beautiful green surroundings everywhere. Xico was charming, quaint and colorful. Banana trees surrounded you and there was little tourism, just the way I like it. The fiesta was everything people had said it was. There were clowns, rides and hot dogs… just like going to the fair. We ended up leaving a bit early to make the return drive to Veracruz. I would like to come back sometime to experience their cuisine, since Xico is known for their sweet mole.