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The inspiration for many of Gabbi's creations are rooted from her love of traveling.


Oaxaca, Mexico

Today we ate lunch at a restaurant called Camino Real in Oaxaca. Being that we were in Oaxaca, I knew I had to order café de la olla, one of my favorite drinks. Café de la olla is brewed coffee that is modified with cinnamon, piloncillo (Mexican unrefined brown sugar) and orange rind. It was delicious even though it wasn’t exactly what I remembered from the first time I was in Oaxaca. It wasn’t as “muddy”.

For dinner we went to a place called Naranjo. We were starving, so for an appetizer we ordered fresh guacamole, chips and taquitos coloradito. The taquitos were delicious! The sauce was the key; chile pasilla, sesame seeds and toasted nuts. For the main course, I ordered a chile relleno filled with squash blossoms and cheese. Amazing! It was made with a small puff pastry laid on top with a salsa de cazuela (a roasted salsa served in a clay bowl). That was definitely something I would make! Keeper.

Just as I thought I had enough to eat, we take a walk around the Zocalo. It was like being in the middle of an incredible Mexican fiesta. Balloons, music and elote (Mexican corn) carts were on every corner. Zocalo was the place to be that night. While walking around the Zocalo, I found a cart where the locals were making tlayudas… yum! Tlayudas large corn tortillas are toasted on the comal (griddle), she smothers manteca (lard), black beans, shredded lettuce, carne asada, tomatoes, queso Oaxaca and avocados. I was already so full, but I had to try it, so we took it to go.