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The inspiration for many of Gabbi's creations are rooted from her love of traveling.


Puebla, Mexico

After the four hour drive, I was so excited to get to see the Camino Real Convension Convent. It was built in 1600. It’s just impossible to get to see this kind of history in Southern California. It had a beautiful courtyard with amazing arches – I was speechless. We spent a few hours hanging around the convent taking pictures before it was time to continue on.

We stopped into a restaurant whose name I can’t remember. I do remember what I had though (funny how the memory works like that). It was the Flor de Calabaza Rellena con queso de cabra (goat cheese), with a Huitlacoche  (Mexican truffle) salsa. This was the first time I had a Huitlacoche sauce. The dish consisted of squash blossoms with the flower filled with goat cheese and dipped in a batter. We also asked for a sample of their mole, they obviously did tastings quite a bit. Puebla is known for their sweet mole. Every restaurant makes their own mole in large cazuelas and are very accommodating when it comes to samples. The mole tasted different than in Oaxaca but it was still delicious, and rich.

We are in season for chiles en nogada. This unbelievable dish is a chile pasilla stuffed with ground pork picadillo covered in walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. The season to try this delicacy is from July through September, so we needed to find a restaurant that served it. We eventually found it at a very traditional place called La Fonda de Santa Clara. I tried one but it seemed too sweet for me. I did enjoy the walnut sauce, which didn’t have the nutty grind I usually expect. The sauce usually has a nice balance of cream and walnuts and it shouldn’t taste sweet at all. My meal was ok, but the atmosphere was enchanting and the vino was even better!